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"Have you ever wanted to live in eternity? Not living forever, but physically perceiving your whole life, start to finish, whilst still living in the present?”

That was the description of the YouTube video. And I am really, really kicking myself for only managing to get one screenshot of Wubbzy: Prince in Yellow, while it was privated, when just 20 minutes ago from writing this, with exactly 60 views. It was just fine. So, unfortunately, all I have to bargain your trust with is my vivid description of what I just witnessed. I do have some recollection of the original show since I used to watch it way back when. Like how there was this Magician character called ‘Moo Moo’ who turns up in this video, but otherwise? All I ask is that you bear with me while I try to piece everything together as well.

The first odd thing right off the bat is when we’re blasted by a wall of Wubbzy clips, all of them featuring Wubbzy, talking over all the clips of himself, until suddenly, all of them come together to say “Wow wow wow!” With each instance of them saying ‘wow’ zooming the camera out, revealing that all the clips formed the title; Prince in Yellow.

As the ‘wow’ from the title sequence fades, the video cuts to Wubbzy outside with Widget and Walden sitting on a fallen log with their lunchboxes by their sides, watching Wubbzy in a magician outfit trying to perform the classic pulling a rabbit out of a hat trick on a tree stump.

But every time Wubbzy tries to pull out a rabbit, his hand either comes out of Widget’s ears, the talking pink rabbit lady, or Walden the purple teddy-bear-looking dude, until finally, after trying again one last time, his hand comes out of the hat and smacks Wubbzy in the face.

Wubbzy sighs, wondering how he’ll impress “Moo Moo the magician,” a pretty weird character all around from what I remember since even though the show was a wacky romp most of the time, outright magic wasn’t ever a thing before he came about. And I don’t just mean carnival magic since he did that too, but actual magicky stuff like teleportation and transmogrification, if that makes any sense.

But after Wubbzy’s friends try and cheer him up, Wubbzy just laments how the rabbit-out-of-a-hat trick is all he knows how to do, to which he then wonders if the reason Moo-Moo wanted to see the three of them was to expel Wubbzy. To which, Wubbzy’s friends give an, admittedly less encouraging answer than I thought they’d give, but I guess he just didn’t catch on at the time.

“Why I certainly hope not, but I have to admit, out of me, Widget, and you Wubbzy? Well, I’m sure it’s just to give you specifically another leg up! Right Widget?”

“Uh yeah, Wubbster! Everyone learns at their own pace, and if your pace is a bit slower than others? Then so be it! We’ll always be here as your buddies! And plus, if he were expelling you, why would he bring us along to see it happen?” Widget rationalized.

Wubbzy smiled back at Widget and Walden, “Wow, I guess you’re right Widget! Thank you guys!”

“No problemo’ little buddy!’

“Yes-yes-yes! After all, it wouldn’t be a very ‘best friend’ thing to do if we didn’t!” Walden backed up. Making Widget and Wubbzy laugh.

Moo-Moo’s magic bus (shaped like a giant magician’s hat) appeared out of view, to which Wubbzy and the gang quickly gathered their things, and entered the magic hat bus. But when they get on, Wubbzy quickly realizes that his lunchbox is missing.

We then get a nice scene of the trio getting Wubbzy’s lunchbox back by performing the rabbit-out-of-a-hat trick together. But when they do, they accidentally all say Abra-ca-stroo-doodle instead of the proper magic word, which fills Wubbzy’s lunchbox up with strudels, Wubbzy is a bit upset over it, but immediately lightens up when they all start laughing about it.

Now, this is when they all arrive at Moo-Moo’s castle, but just before I talk about what happened in the castle, there’s a scene later on where Wubbzy is asked where the bus driver was. Wubbzy can’t say for sure since he was too focused on getting his lunchbox back, figuring he assumed he was there. And I did too. Thinking back on it I don’t remember seeing any background characters anywhere. Not even the kooky kid.

But yeah, sure enough, Moo-Moo pops out in a pink cloud of smoke. “Welcome! Come! Come inside kids! I’ve been waiting here in a fashion you physically cannot comprehend,” Moo-Moo… warned? Welcomed? I dunno, it was weird, it’s still weird. Even the trio themselves could feel something was seriously off with Moo-Moo this time around as they stepped out of the bus.

“Uh, so Mr Moo-Moo! You mind telling us why you wanted us to visit you over the weekend?” Widget questioned wearily.

“Oh, Widget you! The weekends have all come and gone! There’s no more left!” Moo-Moo explained cheerily, still retaining that same cavalier showman charisma from his debut appearance.

“No more weekends? Why no-no-no, that can’t be right! It goes against the laws of, everything!” Walden clamoured.

“Nope! No weekends, no months, years, let alone days, not even hours! They’re all spent…” Moo-Moo’s tone immediately dipped. The trio stood silent, mirroring Moo-Moo’s disparaged look.

“Spent? But that doesn’t make any-” Wubbzy began, stepping backwards nervously, only to notice that the sun was already starting to set, stepping forward one step only made the sky fully turn to night, stepping forward again the sky turned to day again, and looking towards the horizon-line at Wuzzleburg, it’s condition worsened every step Wubbzy took.

“Sense…” Wubbzy finished.

“We’re living in a broken clock now, kids.” Again, they all fell silent, staring at the spectacle on the horizonline. And with great fear, they all turned back to Moo-Moo.

“U-uhm, Moo-Moo? Perhaps we could learn a different magic trick instead of, w-whatever this one is?” Walden suggested.

“Y-yeah, what’s goin’ on here? I-I don’t like it!” Widget added.

Moo-Moo did not respond to them, instead just turning to Wubbzy. “What say you? Wubbzy? Would you care to know what ‘makes sense?’”

Wubbzy darted his eyes to his friends, and back to Moo-Moo, shaking. “W-whatever you have to say to me! Y-you can say it to my friends too!” Wubbzy cried out defiantly.

But Moo-Moo just sighed. “What’s the difference,” Moo-Moo chided, snapping his fingers, as a puff of the same pink smoke Moo-Moo appeared in enveloped the draw-bridge to his castle, and when the smoke disappeared, the bridge was lowered, allowing the trio safe-passage over the castle’s moat.

“Come, now, or never come again,” Moo-Moo commanded.

At this point, all resemblance of subtlety is being thrown out second by second, as the camera pans into the castle, we see the sky flicker through day and night rapidly, as Wuzzleburg decays into complete ruin, and as night envelops the outside, turning everything pitch-black.

Inside, the walls of the castle room transition cycle through dimly lit colours, as the trio trail behind Moo-Moo towards the only source of light in the room, giving off the same coverage as a computer monitor on maximum brightness in a closed-off room.

However, as they get closer to the light source, it’s revealed to be a void-like space, with bright fluctuating blue branches of light flexing and weaving in and out of each other, as strange otherworldly voices and laughter cascade throughout the space, with Moo-Moo standing on the very edge.

“Woah…” Wubbzy spoke in awe.

“Moo-Moo, this isn’t like anything you’ve shown us, is it?” Walden questions.

“Yeah! Also, are those tree branches?” Widget posits.

“Halt, everyone! Do not approach!” Moo-Moo shouts, making the trio jump in fright. “Apologies, but you were all going much too quick,” Moo-Moo clarifies, making Widget scratch her head in perplexity.

“Uh, okay, then, I mean it’s not like I planned on walking off that there-”

“Wubbzy! Come forth!” Moo-Moo interrupts Widget, to which he mousily replies.

“O-oh, okay Mr Moo-Moo!” Wubbzy steps forward, just before the ledge of the void.

“Come closer, my boy,” Moo-Moo insists, raising his hand out for Wubbzy to grab, smiling at him warmly. Wubbzy accepts, tiptoeing towards the magician with a weary smile.

“Poke your head over the ledge, and tell me what you hear, what you see,” Moo-Moo instructs, with Wubbzy following, much to the slight panic of Widget and Walden.

“Uh, Wubbster? Please be careful.”

“Yes, please be cautious.”

“Shhh, he requires complete, concentration.”

We cut to Wubbzy’s reaction, his eyes squinted, clearly in deep focus. “It, sounds like…” We cut to the worried faces of Widget and Walden, and the stern disapproving look of Moo-Moo, and then back to Wubbzy, as echoes of his voice begin to play in the background.

“Me! T-that’s my voice! And hey! It’s all you guys! Widget, Walden, Daisy! And-” Wubbzy’s tone shifts. “Hang on, that’s when I first moved to Wuzzleburg, and that must be, Mommy and Daddy, and when I was born, but then.” Wubbzy’s expression sags. “Why am I moving out? Why do I look like that?” Wubbzy turns to Walden and Widget. “Where are you guys?”

“Huh? I-I’m not following Wubbster!” Widget protests.

“Likewise! We’re your best friends!” Walden adds.

“Well then why can’t I see any of you down there!? Moo-Moo what is all this!? I-is that what’s gonna happen to me?!”

“Wubbzy…” Walden and Widget utter with hurt.

“And what has already happened, my dear boy,” Moo-Moo clarifies with a hint of sadness, but Wubbzy just stares at Moo-Moo, tears streaming down as he shakes his face. “I didn’t want to see any of that.”

“Moo-Moo, whatever are you showing him?” Walden confronts sternly.

“Yeah! And why?” Widget adds just as firmly.

“I don’t know how, I don’t why, but when I woke up today, I felt as though I’d just come to from a deep, deep, slumber. And when I gazed upon this, void, I saw only you, at the end of everything,” Moo-Moo paused, the trio trading glances with each other.

“Wubbzy, do you remember what you did when you got out of bed?” Moo-Moo asked, making Wubbzy wipe his tears and think.

“Uhm, gee, I don’t actually.”

“And who did you see along the way? Any neighbours? Friends? Cars? Bus drivers?”

Again, Wubby took a moment, “No, didn’t see anyone today, the only thing I remember is-”

“Practising for that magic trick? The pulling-a-rabbit-out-of-a-hat one, yes?”

“Y-yeah, how’d you know?” Wubbzy questioned shakily.

“Actually, now that you mention it Wubbster, that’s all I remember today as well!” Widget testified.

“My thoughts exactly! And beyond that, the latest thing I remember is when I was sick with-”

“Chickenitis, I know,” Moo-Moo cut off, turning his gaze to the void. “I saw it all happen through here before you three came.”

“But, what does all this mean? A-and what is Wubbzy saying we’re not there for!” Walden questioned desperately.

“And not to mention the sky turning night and day! None of this makes any sense at all!” Widget added just as desperately.

“I told you once, I'm telling you twice now, I don’t know how, and I don't know why, but when you do something Wubbzy, anything at all of interest? The world awakes.”

“I-I don’t understand, Moo-Moo, I-I’m not the world! I’m just me!” Wubbzy utters.

To which Moo-Moo bends down, looking Wubbzy in the eyes. “Wubbzy, what you saw down there? What happened after? I believe that is your future if you don’t fall asleep again, which is to say that you, and you alone, have a big choice to make.”

Moo-Moo pauses, glancing over to Walden and Widget. “And I don’t think your friends are a part of that choice.” Moo-Moo stands up, addressing the trio.

“Farewell friends, I don’t know how long you all have, but I have a hunch it depends on the choice Wubbzy makes,” Moo-Moo announces, before putting his arms up and falling to the void.

“Moo-Moo!” They all cried, racing towards the edge of the void to catch Moo-Moo, but all they caught were their cries bellowing out long and deep into the very depths, with Moo-Moo nowhere in sight.

“He was the best magician I’d ever seen.” Wubbzy lamented, but his friends didn’t respond, for they were too transfixed by the void. “Guys?”

“Good god,” Widget utters, tears streaming down her face.

“What is wrong with us?” Walden adds, his voice seeping with despair.

“I-it’s okay guys! W-we’re best friends-”

“That’s you Wubbster!” Widget bellowed. “If that’s your future, then that means we’re monsters!”

“Widget, please, you don’t have to say it out loud-”

Widget from the void

Widget from the void (by GardenFlower)

“Shut up Walden!” Widget screamed, gripping and digging into the sides of her face, shaking her head in denial, as this picture flashes on-screen “How, how could I be such a coward!”

Walden and Wubbzy stay silent, staring at Widget hyperventilating, and as another picture flashes, the hyperventilating worsens.

“Daisy, poor Daisy,”

Daizy from the void

Daisy from the void (By ChenArchive aka LafawdaPasta)

Widget sobbed, but suddenly, Widget stopped crying. She stood up and looked at Walden and Wubbzy from up high.

“W-widget, d-do you need a h-hug?” Wubbzy stuttered, to which Widget slowly turned her gaze back to the void.

“I can’t let that happen,” Widget stepped off the ledge, plummeting into the void. Wubbzy cried bloody murder for her name, but she was already gone.

Wiping his sniffling nose, Wubbzy glanced down at Walden, just as transfixed by the void as Widget was, if not more. “D-do you wanna fall too? Walden?” He didn’t respond, “D-do you want a hug? Walden? You look like you need it.”

Walden just shook his head, as he began to get up onto his feet, Walden wiped his eyes, letting his glasses fall into the void as he hugged Wubbzy with all his might.

“Walden! That’s too tight!”

“Please, won’t you make the right choice?” he begged, stepping towards the very edge whilst holding Wubbzy, making Wubbzy panic and scream, begging Walden to let go of him, that he’s strangling him. Until eventually, Wubbzy managed to squeeze out of Walden’s tightening grip, as he stumbled off the edge. Where Wubbzy watched as he grew smaller, and smaller, and smaller yet.

The camera would then cut to Wubbzy’s face, screaming with all of his might, and running back out the way he came through the castle as fast as he could, the camera following behind his back as if he were running from us, the viewer.

Out Wubbzy went until he ran out onto the middle of the road the magic hat bus came on. And the camera started to spin around Wubbzy, night turning to day, day turning to night, over and over like a strobe light. With Wubbzy clawing and grabbing at his rapidly aging face, old to young, back and forth, over and over.

And just as Wubbzy is about to scream again, the video cuts off.

As I stated earlier, this screenshot is the only proof I have of this video's existence, and any pictures shown prior to this screenshot were commissioned by me to convey what was on screen, the rest is up to you fellow internet archivists.

Prince in Yellow YT screenshot

The proof