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Internet challenges. They started off as a bunch of unusual ideas, from people that were bored out of their minds, to outright dangerous dares. Some of these challenges lead to discourse, crimes being committed, and even suicide.

One of the lesser-known examples of this phenomenon would have to be “The ‘Smiley Wiley’ Game.”


The original image.

In Tampa, Florida, multiple teens would be sent a long message along with a heavily modified image of a chihuahua, on numerous social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. It was oversaturated, bright, and most notably, the dog had a wide smile along with dark pits for eyes. On the bottom of the image, a caption was included, reading “smiley wiley wants admiration!”

The accounts sending these messages normally had stock images of puppies set as their profile pictures. As for their usernames, they consisted of complete gibberish, usually being random symbols and numbers with no meaning.

The message went out like this:

“Smiley Wiley wants to be your friend! She needs someone who loves her and cherishes her until the end of time, but that someone must be brave enough to keep her out of harm’s way. Let’s play a game. Follow her requests below, and if you succeed at pulling through, repost this image letting everyone know you’ve won!”

A number of teenagers and children did what the message said to do. The following is a list of commands from the messengers, from the first to last day.

“Day One: Watch nothing but Mondo films from 12PM to 6PM. More specifically, movies that exploit sensitive subjects, by showing gratuitous amounts of real death, tribal sacrifices, massacres, etcetera. After 6PM, you’re free to do whatever you please until tomorrow. Looking away from any horrific scene will result in the challenger losing the game.

Day Two: Engorge yourself in as much raw fish as you can for three minutes straight, only washing it down with milk. If you can hold in your vomit by then, you have succeeded in the challenge for that day. If you can’t, you must do it over and over again, until you pass the three-minute mark.

Day Three: Take a very hot shower. Turn the handle all the way up to its highest temperature, and let the water pour on you for four minutes. For the first thirty seconds, coat your index fingers with shampoo and rub your eyes. After the full period is over, feel free to wash out the shampoo from your eyes and step out of the shower.

Day Four: Smiley is interested in getting to know other doggies. Send her a picture of your dog and comment his/her name.

Day Five: Go outside and find an earthworm. Then, chew it until it’s nothing but pulp. Like Day Two, vomiting or spitting it out will result in you needing to do it again until you can keep it in.

Day Six: Smiley is jealous of your dog. Spit on it, then start punching. Over, and over, and over, until you get bored. It can still move, if you want. Smiley just wants your inferior to learn its lesson.

Day Seven: Find two candles, and seclude yourself in your closet, or some other very small room. Light them, and once they dwindle to the very bottom, proceed to pour the wax on your back. You may cry, but do not shout. Don’t shower for the next three days.

Day Eight: Look at yourself in the mirror. Grin and bear it. Remember how close you are.

Day Nine: Shove three thumbtacks into your skin, forming a circle when you’re done. More preferably, on the shoulder. Do not take them out.

Day Ten: The finale. Find a gun, any gun, and place the barrel in your mouth. Pull it. Pull the trigger. If you don’t have one, that’s unfortunate. Smiley might not think you were strong enough after all.”

Some people gave up the challenge due to them either not having the materials needed or not having a dog for Day Four. For others, it ended in turmoil. This game’s spread resulted in around twenty-five casualties, and only one person managed to finish the game alive. A now twenty-three-year-old Carlos Agua, who shot through his skull with his mother’s M1911 handgun.

He was left permanently blind at fifteen.

As for the people who refused to play the game, some still lost their lives. Two deaths were recorded from seeing this clip, both of them being seizure-induced. When telling the user who sent you the message that you don’t want to participate, insulting them, or ignoring their proposal, a GIF will be sent in your direct messages within minutes. It contains an altered version of the original Smiley Wiley, with the top half of her head shrouded in black. Her smile is replaced with human teeth, and her head rapidly twitches in every direction.


Alleged screenshot.

Over the GIF, transparent, yet bright colors would flash on the screen at a very quick pace. The screen would shake, and on the bottom of the visual, the caption reads “the word will spread whether you want it to or not.” This GIF has since become lost media, and accounts sending these users the challenge notes were deactivated soon after the game was discovered.

Life goes on, and these trends only continue to grow, good or bad. They die out, but some leave behind disastrous memories in the process. Families have lost their loved ones, mothers have lost their children, due to the idiocy of human beings. I can go on about the many critical thoughts I have revolving around this subject, but there is one question lingering in my head that I don't think I'll ever get a straight answer for.

And that is, whose dog was that? Why her?